Storyteller / Spoken Word Artist
Writer , Editor, Coach

Denise McCormack

The best time for ghost stories is during the hot summer months.  After all, what better time to share a few shivers and spine-tingling chills?

Enjoy fantastically true accounts of mystical and mischievous beings that haunt the night, passed down through generations by those who learned about them first hand.

I Support the Autonomy, Health, and Well-being of Women through Story.

Chill Out with True Japanese Ghost Stories!

The mood is set for stories.

Did you know...

Storytelling Is a Performance Art.                                               Storytelling is a pedagogical wonder and community bridge.

Storytelling requires dedication to research, selection, and practice.

In addition to countless hours of time,  it requires marketing, insurance, professional development, and other overhead costs, including travel.

Please contact me regarding fees.