by Denise McCormack

To begin, I daresay the cold North Wind carried news of that beauteous fairy, the Snow Queen, whose countenance radiated like sparkling ice and whose rare beauty was, in every detail, more perfect than the most intricate of snowflakes.

 Indeed, her allure and majesty rivaled those of the Northern Lights which bask daily in the glow of heaven.  

 And, having heard now, many virile and curious mountain men sought the fair maiden for all her good graces - unaware that belligerent beings vowed heart and soul to protect her, their queen, from all intruders.

 Yes, many skillful hunters caught sight of the lovely fairy as they climbed the great summit and – becoming enchanted at once – hastened onward, calling for welcome, but the spiteful sprites – forever diligent in their duties – pierced each caller in turn with their fine crystal lances, sending each to his doom from atop that lofty precipice. 

The crestfallen fairy wept over the doomed suitors. Each tear slipped from eye to cheek to the rocks below and changed there into small and delicate, white blossoms - the edelweiss.

 And whatever became of the Snow Queen you want to know, and I will tell you.  

 Once upon a time, a handsome young hunter of innocent heart chanced to come within distance of that beautiful queen and, seeing her, fell to his knees in humble supplication, somber and silent, so that the sentries had no cause to move upon him, and the Snow Queen, seeing the true and gentle kindness of his nature, fell in love with him at once, and – in that very moment, in that very instant – the Snow Queen's heart was melted.

The Snow Queen is, at times, paired with *Edelweiss for performance/telling, accompanied by soft acoustic guitar.

*Edelweiss by Rogers and Hammerstein was created for the 1959 musical The Sound of Music.

Denise McCormack

Storyteller / Spoken Word Artist
Writer , Editor, Coach