Storyteller / Spoken Word Artist
Writer , Editor, Coach

Denise McCormack

Stories fill our lives with hope and wonder.

​Stories serve an important purpose.  

They edify us.  They prepare us.  They comfort us.  They inform us.

How we view a story depends on where we are, what we need to hear.

​If you don't see what you're looking for, please ask. 

Programs are built to suit the audience.

Workshops incorporate the very best strategies for public speaking, critical thinking, language development, and writing.  They sharpen skills for acting and presentation.  They tap into the very soul --and memory-- to let loose the creative processes.

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Take a peek under the covers of the wolf, and you’ll find courage and wisdom to last a lifetime.

The magic sets us wondering how we ourselves would react in similar circumstances.  

And this is the merit of the tales -- that by going beyond possibility they enlarge our daily horizon.  For a man not given to speculation  might as well walk on four legs as on two.  A child who does not feel wonder is but an inlet for apple pie.                                                                                ~ The Fairy Tale Classics